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How would I make objects glow?

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So if I was wanting to make, say, a blue circle appear as if it was glowing, then I would select the inner circle and use the glow effect? Because that is so ridiculously simple, I feel like a complete moron for not thinking of it myself... But thanks anyways. But that is the method, right? Also, what add-one would you reccommend. (I know, they are on your googlepage) but which are MOST useful? Thank you a lot!

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You can make a thinner circle with lighter blue, than use outline object with a bit darker blue, then use glow.

If you want, you can repeat the 2nd step, with each out line a bit darker blue, then use glow.

As for useful plugins, get em all. If you don't want to be overwhelm by too many new plugins, just get em 1 at a time, play around. once you get used to them, get more.


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A trick I use a lot in my art work is do what Ash suggested, Photo-Glow, and then set your Layer properties to Glow. Alternatively, you could try Gaussian blur with a very low setting, and play with different Layer properties and opacity to play with the glow.

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