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I have tried searching for this and cant find what I am looking for. I am trying to make a logo for my website and maybe some shirts.

What I want to do is take several pictures of things I have built and combine them into one image then add my store name over it then change the look to a penciled drawing.

I get the penciled part and I think I got the adding my store name part. What I cant figure out is how to combine 3 or 4 pictures and make one image ? Can I do that with paint.net ? Thanks

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Thanks for the reply, but thats not what I am looking. I will try and explain it different. I dont want the images over top of each other but rather beside each other and maybe over/under each other. A little overlapping would be ok with whichever piece is on top not showing whats behind it. Trying to show an example of what I make.

Would like to put several pictures like this one on one image. On the same image but with each thing being reconizable, with my store name overlayed ?


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That's what layers and blend modes do. Place one image on a layer, another on another layer. Move each one around on the canvas separately using the tools. Flatten the layers when you're done.

Play around and read the basic tutorials. Learn the intricacies, and you'll be a wiz in no time.

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Very nice pencil drawing.

Are you wanting to place your products in each of the window panes in the cabinet?

If so, I would attack this using these steps (that doesn't mean there aren't better ways):

  1. [*:1wooyn2r] Open the first product image alongside the pencil-drawn cabinet;
    [*:1wooyn2r] then proceed to resize this product image via the menu Image > Resize..., resizing it to the dimensions of the pane of glass you wish to insert it into;
  • [*:1wooyn2r] if you are unsure as to what these dimensions are, you can quickly use the Rectangle Select tool to highlight the pane of glass, seeing the resulting pixel dimensions in the lower right hand corner on the Status Bar;

[*:1wooyn2r] now resized, select all (Ctrl + A), copy (Ctrl + C), and paste this onto a new layer on the cabinet image (Ctrl + Shift + V) - you can find all these commands in the Edit menu;

  • [*:1wooyn2r] using layers will also allow you to overlap product images over one-another, and apply layer blend modes or transparency if required;

[*:1wooyn2r] you can now move the product image to the correct location using the Move Pixels tool;

[*:1wooyn2r] if you so wish, you can merge this product image layer into the base cabinet layer using the Merge Layer Down icon on the Layers window;

[*:1wooyn2r] finally, repeat as necessary for each product image as well as your company logo.

You may find this following tutorial of some use: Cutting Out Images.

Does any of this help?

(Apologies, due to a recent flurry of spam attacks, in-line image inclusion has been temporarily disabled, so the icons I had included in these steps appear as their URL links, making them useless. If you are unsure as to what to look for, have a look around the Help documents: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/index.html.)

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