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Lancadore's Gallery (EDIT: Wallpapers!)


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Well, im a newbie who started around 2 months ago, so be kind with me, nkay? leave a trace if you wanna .. =)


Hidden Content:
2009 (only done in 2009)

20620dy.jpg something i made from a tut

2hgeeqb.jpg Proud of this one.. one of my best. (my opinion)

2i7mljp.jpg Awh. Didnt want to post this #"¤% ... Its bad.

wi7brr.jpg I like this one.. probably not so good.

qqwxvl.jpg My Pyro Sig :P

More to Come. i Was to Lazy To Upload the ..3 others.

--------Still Signatures----------

Hidden Content:
Edit's In here.

b7l068.jpg Im really proud of this... But its also wierd because of the difference of size on the black stripes.

4v3d07.jpg New . 20:04 (gmt + 1 ) 21/3/09

e19lzm.jpg Pretty Good..

2vbaidy.jpg I Think This is good.

vr82fq.jpg I think this one is Messed up o.o

o6mb85.jpg Some..Abstract..Thing..PS: It was a Yellow Checkerboard

117wifd.jpg I Really think this is the Best.

24fz69w.jpg Kinda Cool..Flames and that.

339rnea.jpg What did i think about o.o

nd8uww.jpg This ones Pretty Cool, Aint it?

23mng5u.jpg Owh..No idea.

96xeso.jpg Wierd, eh?

33cotc0.jpgSome Rainbow..Thing.

24chcad.jpgThose Police.. Things.. that Says Do not enter...and my name >:D



Hidden Content:
2uh9ytv.jpgUhhh...I dont know.

ej7xq1.jpgHm..Whats this? Its up to your Fantasy ^_^

2ymg9bm.jpgColour Road.. In..Hyperspace?

axdyco.jpgJust did some Kaleidoscope(plugin) and Fragments.

2yl8nt5.jpg Forest.

25quouw.jpg Probably my Best Wallpaper, eh?

w6v621.jpg Up to Your Imagination.

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Nice gallery, I don't know why you don't like it :?

For something new, try making a wallpaper or something instead of always making sigs ;)

and if you want your sig to have your link named, use this template to make your link...

[url=http://www.whateveryourlinkis.com...]Name of Link Goes here[/url]

deviantART | Paint.NET Gallery | bennettfrazier.com <-- (My new Website!)


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I don't often comment in sig galleries but I'm making an exception here. I just wanted to tell you I've stopped by often and enjoy your sig work.

I think you are doing a fine job with this program and look forward to the time you feel comfortable enough to tackle a larger picture. your work so far shows a natural artistic talent.

ciao OMA

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