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  1. I've noticed that in the most of your new signatures, you mainly Duplicate the Render and then make it a shadow, it might be good, but i think its getting alittle too repetive. PS: This is my Meaning and May be Horrible By the fact im a big noob.
  2. 9/10 The Signature is Excellent But the Text is Abit Small and Hard to read. sorry im a noob O_O
  3. Its an Exellent Piece , But the Border is Kind of Bad to me, i cant find something else thats wrong with it, since im pretty new, 9.9/10
  4. It seems like a painting, and its really cool! 9/10 No name on it Simplicity is good, but i personally think its alittle too much of the same thing.
  5. 9/10 i dont see much wrong , but the white spot is alittle overdone.
  6. 1st : 8/10 Those stones doesnt really fit there. Current:7/10 It doesnt go together.. Its not really Neat..
  7. You have any Idea how people Makes the "Character" in their Sig/avatar Stick out of the Sig in itself
  8. Yeah that one Is more in the Category Wierd Shape things.
  9. Uhhh...Use it if you like it. Tell me whats wrong so i can make a new if you dont like it.
  10. Petewolfbane, if you Look Closely , You'll see a Yellow Border. , 9/10 As always Becauseiwantedto (sorry i know its boring when we rate eachother all the time )
  11. Yeah but you cant just Pretend to be dead ! *Rates like My Previous Rate of your siggy, Cuz its the same*
  12. 9/10 (Lost 1 Pt Because it Gives me the Chills) Its Creepy. Like a Man Died. Other than that i love it.
  13. Its Good.. I'm not good at picking good and bad sides. 8/10 I dont know why but its not so good. Sorrey <_<
  14. OOkay. All this Mistborn Stuff Makes me Curious.. What is "Mistborn" About anyways?
  15. Yeah i like that one too. You have any idea of a tut how to make GOOD Abstracts?
  16. T_T Sorry Becauseiwantedto <_< I have no idea how to edit your Signature =(
  17. 9/10 That Guy/Girl Is Incredible, Did you make it or is it a photo? But anyways, Its Not so much other in the picture than that male/female and text, so i think its abit Empty (Exuse me for bad Ratings im a noob -.-)
  18. Ive Began Making "Wallpapers" or more "Wierd Shape ..Things."
  19. Wow,Gamerworld,Helen and Oma Says my work is good ..Cant Believe it. @Gamerworld Thanks for the tip ^_^ @Helen Im Glad your Enjoying my Work. @Oma I always thought of you as some kind of Inspiration, So i could Be able to Make any of those Incredible Works of Yours.
  20. I like That one. And that Red Steel Siggy. Keep On doing this. You're a lot Better than me =)
  21. 8/10 From me. (Lost 1 pt. Because its Kind of Empty For me Somehow.) (Lost 1 pt. Because the Center of Attention is Confusing (Dunno how it just is) Rate my Sig.
  22. I Found it out, However, It seems like they never Match.
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