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My name is Craig, and i have a problem with my paint program. I use to use photoshop and now i cant figure some things out. Ok, so i own a weather website, i have make maps and draw on them, here is an example


alrighty, you see the circled ares on the map with the amounts areas? you see how the colors are light enough to where you cali seethe state outlines? thats what im looking for. to use paint tool and for it to be light enough so people can see the state outlines.

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Hi Craig!

Before I begin, please read the tutorial rules. Your title, once again, breaks the rules.

This effect can be achieved, by playing with the Transparency setting, in the Colours Window, when you click more. Lower that to around 150, and then use the Paint Bucket tool, and colour in what you have selected :)

Look at this, also: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/ColorsWindow.html

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