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The one thing Paint.Net needs.....

Should Paint.Net Get the Magic Lasso tool?  

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  1. 1. Should Paint.Net Get the Magic Lasso tool?

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The only tool that Paint.Net needs right now that I can think of is the Magic Lasso. For those who don't know, you use it like the Lasso, but it wraps automaticly around color changes, which would be set by the Tolerance. It would work great! With it you could perfectly crop a person, even if they wear a blue shirt, red pants, and a green hat. The Magic Wand couldn't do that, because it rely's on a specific color. The Magic Lasso automaticly snaps to the edge of where one color stops and another begins. It's just what most people who use Paint.Net need. Who agrees? I've used the Magic Lasso tool on other programs before, and I think it's what Paint.Net. needs.


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erm.. what exactly version of PdN are you using? 6.0? O.o Paint dot Net has the Lasso tool, not the magic 1 :P anyway, yeah i think it could be usefull, but you can combine the magic wand and the lasso tool wich imo does the job well done :)

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