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^Wow, rather blunt there. You must be learning from Rick :D

Unfortunately, Paint.NET doesn't support SVG files because they're vector images (a bunch of mathematically-placed curves, shapes, and text), and not what is called a "rasterized" image (just a bunch of colored dots). Now, one may think "why don't they just add vectors?", but sadly, it's not that simple. See, Paint.NET was originally programmed to be was to serve as a raster image editor, which means that our fellow programmers would have to basically create a whole new program in order to add this one feature (and believe me, that would take years).

So yeah, click on that link to Inkscape in the post above; it was strictly designed to be a vector editor (so in turn, you'll never see raster image editing on there), also a free download to the public.

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