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Resize selection with fixed ratio

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My printer has the option of printing printable CD-R's and I want to create a template to streamline the process of designing & printing CD-R's.

I've created a PDN file of the same size as the CD-R Label Tray of my Canon printer (@200ppi).

The file has two layers:

- the upper layer is all white with a mask hole in, which is the exact size and position of the CD-R to be printed.

- the lower layer is the active layer; the canvas on which I design the CD-label

My problem lies with the import and resizing of other images in to the design.

Say, I want to include a hires photo. I can open the photo in PDN as a second image and I can select it and copy it into my CD-R Label design. Do not adjust the canvas size, because the canvas size was carefully measured to match the Canon CD-R Label Tray!

So, the image stretches beyond the canvas size. No problem, I can zoom out and resize and reposition it.

BUT, the resize is completely free-hand and resulting my erratic movements of my hand, the aspect ratio of the photo is changed and the picture turns out quite distorted.

Would it be an idea to add a special [CTRL]-drag or [ALT]-drag for fixed ratio resizing?


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