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  1. I'll try again after a couple of days
  2. Windows defender reports Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.H!ml and blocks the download. No way to circumvent this, it seems.
  3. I noticed the following, which may or may not be a design choice. Start pdn with a blanc canvas the default filename is shown in the top window border Open a random adjustment or effect the default name receives an asterisk indicating unsaved changes, but nothing has been done as of yet without having done any adjustment, click the Cancel button to close the adjustment/effect dialogue The asterisk is removed from the filename again. So, opening an adjustment or effect dialogue in itself triggers the "file is modified" flag, which is removed when the action presumed to be taken is cancelled. I would have expected this flag to be raised after an adjustment has been made or an effect actually applied, which would be upon pressing the [OK] button.
  4. Dutch translation reviewed and adjusted as necessary in Crowdin for next release.
  5. @Rick Brewster After having updated the Dutch translation in Crowdin, I'd like to test drive this using the alpha. I've downloaded the PaintDotNet.Strings.3.nl.resx and placed this in the subfolder resx, but that doesn't seem to do much yet. Is it too early or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Hi Rick, I just noticed that some tools icons show weird shortkeys. See image below. What could be the cause of this? Stephan
  7. Being the informal Dutch translator, I'd like to get in touch with a Dutch user with an NVIDIA graphics adapter installed. There's a new instruction coming up on solving certain issues with Nvidia drivers and I'd like to know whether or not I should translate all of this. Please contact me if you are a Dutch user and you can help me to some screenshots of the Nvidia graphics driver in Dutch.
  8. I've corrected the notification settings in Crowdin. I'm looking out for my first notification email.
  9. Triggered by the remarks coming from some other translators, I decided to check the latest activities in Crowdin. I noticed that some new strings have been introduced and that the automatic translations from Bing have been pushed through. Oh dear, oh dear. MT may be nice with words, but definitely not good with sentences. Rick, I had to make some changes. Could you approve these? And please next time consider to send the Crowdin translators a brief notification that new strings are ready for (proper) translation.
  10. When saving (overwriting) an existing jpg file that resides in a OneDrive managed folder, I get the following error: The first line would translate as follows: An invalid name request has been made. The requested name cannot be obtained at this time. "Save as" using a different file name works without problems. (Currently my workaround) Any ideas?
  11. And counting... I guess this is where the upside of the Store app has its downside. Automatic updates, be it at a couple of days delay. I'm experiencing the same with other apps. It's another factor to count in in choosing the Store App or the installer version.
  12. @Rick Brewster I misread the instructions. I thought that a folder named paint.net App Files would be created (automatically by the App) and that I would have to place my Effects, etc. in there. I've created the folder myself and placed inthere the Effects etc. and all is well now. @warlordnik I purchased paint.net App yesterday from NL without a problem. Do you have a valid credit card associated with your MS account?
  13. No overwriting or removing the existing installation. The Store App is added. You can keep both versions installed alongside. I noticed that if either of the two is running, the other won't start as well.
  14. Fantastic! I purchased immediately, if only to test the Dutch localisation. Effects seem to not work on my Dutch language W10 PC. The created folder is translated into Dutch language: paint.net gebruikersbestanden. I've copied the folders "Effects" and "FileTypes" in there, but paint.net W10 App does not show the plugins. Also, if I open the Palettes folder, this created folder is named Paletten which is also the Dutch translation. I checked in Crowdin and found the following: - paint.net User Files is translated into paint.net gebruikersbestanden (I did that, as did all other translators) - Palettes is translated into Paletten (I did that, as did all other translators) - Effects I cannot find - FileTypes I cannot find either I probably need te revert these two translations, don't I? Still there remains the difference between the mentioned paint.net App Files and the string in Crowdin paint.net User Files.
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