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Embarassing questions from photoshop to pdn

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I've been working up the courage to ask someone this because I know PDN forum is composed of amaizing graphic designers and artists... and me, I'm just a nob and I would TOTALY understand why anyone would laugh at me.

But because I'm so used to my life being all messed up and being embarassed is a waste of my time, I'm going to ask any way:

So, I noticed people talk about this and I want to know.

1. What is mask?

2. How do you use it or apply it to an image?

3. Can it be converted from Photoshop to PDN? (tutorials-wise)

Since brushes are so popular,

1. How is it properly used? for example, I've been able to access a grungy brush pack (from someone in here, I forget who...), how do I use them?

And also, I have tons of textures in 100x100 format<<--they are purposely meant for photoshop.

1. How do I use these textures? Or how do I apply them into my images? (are there special pluggings I should by chance take a look at?)

Oh since I'm the asking-mood... When is the smudge tool actually going to be in the toolbox along with the pen, eraser, pencil etc... , I mean usually the smudge tool in different programs is in the toolbox section.

pheuwww.... I got these off my chest.

I guess I'll be waiting for your suggestions or comments. if you're like me and easily lazy, can you please leave me the subject's thread url so that I can check them out also? please, and thanx a bunch.

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