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Cartoon Bubbles - How to do them?

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I've recently discovered paint.net and am really nicely surprised -- good work!

I'm wanting to do some cartoon bubbles with text inside -- I used the Ellipse to make the bubble itself and got a nice dark border. then I tried making the stem with Lasso, filling both with white. So far, ok.

I wanted the border to show up on the Lasso and can't figure out how.

The next part, I'm really missing something. I selected the text tool and canNOT get it to type black. I tried messing around with all the settings of colors -- putting black as primary and secondary, etc. etc. Nothing shows up (because, I assume, it's still typing white??)

I know it's not a huge problem, but, hey, it's mine and I'd sure appreciate any help.


Dr. Mojo

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I don't exactly understand your problem with the lasso. Could you post an image?

As for your text, make sure you're not typing on a layer beneath a solid image. That's probably what's going wrong. :-)


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I can’t quite figure out what the problem is. But I think about two things.

First; try to use layers. Put your speech bobble in a new layer. And if necessary a third layer for the text. And then use “merge layer down.” :MergeDown:

And if you want to select the inside of the bobble use the”Magic wand.” :MagicWandTool:

Speech bubbles CAN be made with Paint.NET. I have done it several times.

What I do is first draw an oval (or whatever) then I draw the arrow pointing to the speaking figure. Erase the part of the oval that is connected to the arrow. Fill in white.

Send it to another guy that puts in text. :lol:

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