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Rotate Selection

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Unfortunately the mouse method doesn't let you specify a specific rotation angle. You can hold down shift while you do the right click thing to constrain it to 15-degree increments, but this doesn't help if I want rotate something by 10 degrees.

Sure I can use the Layer - Rotate/Zoom option, but this only rotates the selection about the center of the picture. So, to use this method I'd need to select the region to rotate, move it to a new layer (so I don't obscure anything on my current layer), move it to the exact center of the image, then use that option to specify a rotation, then move it back to just the right spot, then merge it back into the other layer.

There doesn't seem to be a good way of rotating a selection a specified amount.

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You can indeed specifiy the angle. Select the area to rotate. Select Rotate Pixels. Use the Right Click on the edge of the selection to rotate. The angle of rotation is shown in the bottom info bar. The further the cursor is away from the point of rotation the more precise you can be with the increments due to the radius of the rotation arc increasing.



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