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Welcome to my Gallery

First of all the tuts i followed:


The flame Tut


My glass button

These are my wallpapers(i like the light rays plug-in xD):


This is my first Wallpaper.


looks like cookies for christmas, but i just did a roandom effect


Yeah i like light rays! I wanted to copy a guitar from Brad Delson (Linkin Park).


This is my favourit wallpaper, i don't know where i got the idea to it.


Another Linkin Park wallpaper. It's Chester Bennington.


Another one xD. These two guys are Mike Shinoda and David Farrell.


Not the best but the nice too. I think something is missing in it.

Other things:


This is a book cover for a fan art contest on a LP fan site.

This is everything for now.

Please comment my pics and Thank you!!!



It's not a bug..

It's a feature!

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yeah i got the idea from yours, but i don't know how to do the immediately "cut" from the light rays to the black i can just make a gradient and then the gradient is more streched from light rays to black.

how did you do it?


It's not a bug..

It's a feature!

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First, go to the colors box. It should be the @ the startup screen. For primary color, choose any color. For secondary, choose white and set it to transparent (should be at 0). Then go to Render--> Rays and keep everything as is. On your right you will see checkboxes. Click on the first three so they will be checked.



-Alpha Gradient

The rest are left blank. Hope I helped. :)

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Glossy Galaxy Ball---How to Make Foliage
My Gallery

PDN Fans--My DA

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