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"Rectangle Select" cause paint.net to use 100% cpu cycle

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Well I wouldn't says it is a complex picture... all I did was just captured the desktop space onto it... like you would do a keyboard press "print screen" and just a do a "Edit | Paste" to paint.net, note that with 1024x768 my paint.net used 50MB+ after I click "Expand canvas".

As matter of fact, I tried the test on a number of PC with varies version of asp.net 2.x or 3.x seems it is not related to the those... I mean paint.net is programmed to trying to use as much of the cpu as it can see but certainly its set to use low priority so whenever I switch task to another app the cpu cycle of the paint.net task will drop… still I prefer if it used a max of 10-20% because all I am doing is just a "paste" action why eat up all my CPU times? :|

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I check the issue has improved a lot but a very minor issue still exists on "first" "paste" in v3.5.1 client.

I tested it under Windows Server 2008 R2 with dotnet 3.51 setup.

From W2K8R2, launch Paint.net v3.5.1 client and taskmgr.exe, Press "PrintScreen" on your keyboard, Expand the canvas and paste the current desktop into Paint.net, now with no mouse movement, note the CPU cycle is continuously being used up: it used up 15% - 20% CPU cycle on my PC. Yes I agreed this has improved a lot so I am just reporting this for the record.

Note that now when you try to click "Rectangle Select" and use the "rectangle select" on the current image, it will no longer cause Paint.net to use high cpu cycle anymore.

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