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Imported PNG appears washed out

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I recently upgraded to 5.0.9 and now when I import a png with black text it appears greyed out like it's behind a transparency filter.  Image with MS Paint of same image for comparison.  I'm I doing something wrong?


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I grabbed the text from your image and dropped it into Word, then did a print to .png to approximately recreate your original.

Opening the .png in Paint.NET and in Paint (Windows 11) with the zoom level at 100% in both shows the same level of blackness and sharpness of the text:



Paint.NET and Paint use different sampling methods when zooming the image.

Paint.NET produces a smoother result vs. Paint's more blocky method. Could this be what your are seeing? Were you viewing both at 100% zoom?


Also, it looks as though you have made a change to the image in Paint.NET because there is a star on the image thumbnail. What was the change?


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Can't reproduce with your included image in the last post.


However, applying gamma 2.2 with the levels tool to your paint.net vs. paint comparison the text looks the same, so your images might have a color profile which the programs handle differently.


Try Image menu->Apply embedded color profile after opening in paint.net. If it's grayed out, then that can't be the cause.

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If you are zooming out on the image, this is due to Paint.NET using gamma-correct rendering for the canvas. Compared to some other software, the zoomed out image may appear "lighter." However, it's important to note that it is the correct way to render it. It is preserving perceptual brightness. The image has not actually changed. MS Paint is the one that's rendering incorrectly in this case.


If you want to compare the image's actual brightness between two apps, you have to set both apps to 100% "pixel-for-pixel" zoom level.


More info and links in the v5.0.4 release notes: 


The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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