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Feature request: favorite fonts

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I use a lot of text and many fonts, and I wish there was a list of favorites that could appear at the top.


There are a lot default fonts installed on windows by default.


I guess just a simple star button would be enough, or maybe some kind of favorite list in the menu?


Or maybe just some config XML file that would make paint.net show those fonts at the top?

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No, this is not my real name.

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Part of the difficulty associated with quickly selecting a particular font in paint.net is that the font control does not act in the way that similar controls work in most other applications.

My expectation from other applications is that if I click in the Font control and type multiple characters, then the font name beginning with that string of characters (or the nearest to it) will be selected.

For example, if I want to select the font named Chiller, I type the letters Chi (or CHI or chi) and the dropdown list will highlight the correct font.

In paint.net, each letter typed is treated separately, resulting in the selection of the wrong font as shown:





@Rick Brewster Could paint.net's font control be made to operate like the controls in many other apps to permit more efficient font selection using the keyboard please?


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