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Lucas film style writing (lots of images)

Simon Brown

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This tutorial is a response to the following question: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24344

Note: This is my first tutorial so rephrases/locks are welcome.

Plugins needed: Outline Object, MadJik's Plugin Pack, Channels, PowerStretch

1. Create a new canvas of 500 x 300 and fill with black.

2. Create a new layer and set the colour to red.

3. Use the text tool to write your desired text in upper-case, in bold, with no spaces.


4. Use object-outline and select dark green as the colour.


5. Use channels with Red set to custom 0 as shown to remove all red from the image.


6. Use PowerStretch with the settings shown to give the text the arch effect.


7. Use the eyedropper tool to select the exact colour you used for the text, create a new layer and run the grid/checkboard maker. Uncheck "linked with horizontal", set horizontal to 300, vertical to 2, and check "foreground only" - then press OK.


8. Delete certain parts of the top layer as shown below.


9. Use the ellipse tool to draw two ellipses at either end of the line rays on the inside.


10. Draw a filled ellipse under the text in line with the shape transformation done in step 6.


11. Use the ellipse select tool to delete all but a small sector at the top of the above.


12. Write red text between the two ellipses on a new layer and repeat steps 4-5.


13. Merge all layers except the background.

14. Run the glow effect with the settings shown.


15. Hide the background layer and delete all black edges on the top layer with the magic wand tool.

16. Show the background layer and run the HSL effect as shown.


17. Experiment with sparkles until you get the effect you want.

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