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  1. Good tut. Just so you peeps all know, I am actually RyuinfinityPDN, so that water "Seamonkey" is mine. If a mod could help me get into my old account? Ya. If you need proof I will give you the layered version of a RyuinfinityPDN image.
  2. I am in support of a camo tutorial. Or plugin, if you are nice.
  3. Eminem: 6/10 No real effects. Joker: 8/10 I like the green swirls around his head.
  4. I tried this as a background for my computer, but it just didn't look good against the Toronto Skyline!
  5. Boltbait = Our mod Banning = Lot letting a member post anymore Queue= A lot of people lined up
  6. This is the best thing to happen to Paint.NET since the brush tool.
  7. Isn't this kind of specific? I suppose if your life's goal is to make that effect this tutorial would be great. But I think it is a bit specific.
  8. This is a pretty good noobie tutorial.
  9. How do you make those caps? Anyway, good tutorial.
  10. This isn't very similar to the web design ad you showed. But I nevertheless like it somewhat. Try some more complicated effects next time though.
  11. This is a pretty good tutorial in my opinion. But why red and blue?
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