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Quick way of inserting one image underneath another?

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Please see reference image above.


Basically, I'm looking for a quick way to paste a series of images of the same width into one long image. 


Right now my process is: 


1. Copy image 1 

2. "New" 

3. Set height to some arbitrarily large value 

4. Paste image 1 and align it at the top of the new blank image 

5. Paste in images 2, 3, 4 etc. one at a time and manually pixel-align them under one another. 


Step 5 in particular is very time-consuming.


Is there a faster way of doing this? 



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5 minutes ago, ozymandarin said:

Is there a faster way of doing this? 


Yes, but not with Paint.NET.


If you're willing to use a command line, ImageMagick makes this very easy:


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In G'MIC, you can use this command in cli:


gmic ig \"folder location\" append y o name_of_img.png

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It would be great to have this 'paste on side' capability in Paint.NET, which would expand the canvas and paste the image on the chosen side.

I have to do this frequently (pasting screenshots of dialogs next to each other) and is the only reason that I switch to Irfanview, which has this capability, as shown below.





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