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Magic Wand question repost

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It seems that no one answered my question so i am repostiong it.
Um, I did. Unfortunately, edits aren't flagged as new posts, so we never knew you came back and edited your post.


Your issue.

Please allow me to recite what I understand to happen: you use the Magic Wand, you select the penguin (inside or out) to extract it/delete something/other action, yet some colour remains. Correct?

This could be due to the tolerance level you have set on your Magic Wand. The higher the tolerance the less it differentiates between tones/shades of colour, therefore selecting more. The reverse is said with a lower tolerance level; lower the tolerance, the more 'precise' it is with the colour selected and surrounding pixles, therefore selecting less. Take a look at the Help File for more information:

http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/T ... #Tolerance



Perhaps you need a higher tolerance level set.

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