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  1. Yogurt. Just off milk + chopped up bits of fruit... Simple.
  2. ZING! You can do whatever you want; but one day you find yourself with a chemical imballance in your brain that leads to severe depression and... Well, guess what you might wanna do.... I wish I had unlimited downloads...
  3. I've had it for 5 years... My favourite animal is the tiger, and my surname started with a Z, 'Tiger-z' sounded queer, so I made it Tigerclawz. I've started to just abbrieviate it to TiGER" now... It's kinda queer, but meh... It's my thing... EDIT: My surname still starts with a Z.
  4. I, personally, don't really like the first one. It's just too bright for me, I like a lot of darker tones. The second and third ones are pretty cool.
  5. Your third one reminded of this one I made a while ago... The colour in mine is a bit dark, I think yours looks cooler.
  6. Maybe you could have a look at this tutorial? I'm not sure what you're asking...
  7. Very nice, looks good. But, the 'Olden' window stays on top when you move to other windows (like internet explorer or something); this isn't normal... :S
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