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Reverse Opacity Interface Preview -> Is there anything else I should add, while I'm at it?

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Well...what exactly do you think can't be wired up?


I've got a lot of it working in hard-coded bits and pieces...and the rest, I like to think is doable.


But I am new to this. So, if you can tell me what I shouldn't waste my time on, I'll greatly consider it. 😉

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Well, suppose you had an image of your grandparents, but someone botched the image by attempting to make things look older by blending a transparent white layer on top of the original image (a fade effect); or if you had an image of a beautiful afternoon sunset, but someone applied a transparent black layer on top of the original image (to make it seem darker). My plugin, if you dial in the proper settings, and play with the Opacity Calculation (until it looks right per your tastes), will attempt to calculate the original colors, and render them.


But it's never that simple. There are artifacts from scanning images that are introduced by the scanning process itself...etc. Hence the extra settings.

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Ah, when I say selection there, I mean the selection inside the selection.


See, I change the Alpha value of the pixels I wish to modify to 100, via another plugin prior to running it through this one. My plugin detects those pixels, provided they are found within the selected area (this selection here being the normal Paint.Net one), gathers them up in a list...and I modify them according to the various settings. Hence the need to shade my selection blue, so I can see which pixels are selected during the preview. Final Render disables that shading.


Or you can just skip modifying those pixels' Alpha values, and have the plugin apply its changes through the regular Paint.Net selection.


It's a hack, because we can't add to / modify the selection tools that Paint.Net comes with. 🙂 





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