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I can outline words but when i Yse the magic wand then invert it looks crappy

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OK, been using paint.net for years and love it. Problem i am having is i figured out how to lay text on a layer and then go into outline and outline the letters. Problem is when i use the magic want then invert i paste it to the page i am working on and its always fuzzy around the edges. I have tried turning the tolerance up and down but every time i cut and paste the letters its the same results. What am i missing?

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It could be due to the fact that the Magic Wand doesn't make antialiased selections; in other words, pixels are either selected or not selected, so the edge of Magic Wand selections is jaggy. If you look at a magnified view of text, the edges of letters will almost always contains partially colored pixels, which represent pixels that are only partly covered by the letter. With the Magic Wand, these are either fully selected on not selected at all.


If that's the problem, the solution is generally to find an alternate method to do what you want to do that doesn't involve the Magic Wand. I don't understand exactly what you're doing well enough to confidently suggest such a method. I hope you can provide a bit more explanation, ideally with example images. However, if at all possible, the text you're pasting should be created in a transparent layer. When text is on a transparent background, you can just select a rectangle that contains the text, copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into a transparent layer above the image layer that you want to add the text to. The text will blend smoothly with the image.

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Be sure to create your lettering on an empty layer--that is, select all (Ctrl+A) and delete (Del) everything on that layer before creating your text.  That way, when you go to select the text with the rectangular selection, you'll have transparent areas between the letters.

Click to play:
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