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Install issue on Windows 10

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Hi all - 


Hoping this forum can get me through an install issue. I'm trying to install paint.net on my work computer (Windows 10 20H2). I do not have administrative access to the computer, but I can escalate privilege via a Privilege Management app. I also had to transfer the Getpaint.net install file from another computer, as the URL is blocked via our IT policy. When I try to install the file (via right click -> “Run as Privilege Management Administrator” to get escalated privileges), I get a stack trace (see attached error #1).


I contacted my internal helpdesk - they are supportive of me getting this software. However, they could not get the file to install either. They also confirmed the app is not available via our Software Center.


I then tried purchasing paint.net via the Microsoft Store app within Windows. Unfortunately, it is also blocked (see error #2).


I then created a Windows account using my work email address on apps.microsoft.com, and was able to successfully purchase paint.net via the browser interface. However, the download & install won’t initiate because my domain login doesn’t match the account I created for the purchase. (Goodbye $8!)


Any other suggestions? Thanks!!

paint.net error 1.png

paint.net error 2.png

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Your network policy seems to be mangling the file that the installer downloads to figure out what it needs to download so that it can install. The error indicates it's starting with a < character, but the file definitely does not start with that -- it's a JSON file, not an XML. My guess is that what's being downloaded is actually an HTML error page from your firewall.


@toe_head2001's suggestion of trying the offline installer should be more successful.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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