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Brush for selection

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Hello everyone, this might be an easy thing to do but I am new to paint.net so I need some help. I want to do a selection of some fine areas. I have tried the magic wand to select the bulk of the regions but to fine-tune when I adjust the tolerance it overshoots or doesn't select the area. I tried other selection tools as well but drawing very small rectangles on a curve takes way too long. I would like to have some kind of brush tool or plugin to do the manual fine-tuning. Is there something like that?  I am using version - 4.3.10

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This is an old tutorial that's still useful:

...or, try this direct link: https://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/cutting-out-images/


It shows how to use the Paintbrush :PaintBrushTool: and the Line Tool :LineTool: to trace the shape of a selection on a new, transparent layer over the layer you want to work on. You can use the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: on the trace layer to make your selection. Clicking back on the original layer, the selection is still active for you to work with.  

The trick for fast and smooth curves is to use the Bezier Curve option :CurveTypeBezier: of the Line Tool.


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