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Is there a way to resize shapes to an exact width and length?

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So I'm currently trying to make an Icon pack with different neon colored circles however, I want to make sure each icon I make have the same sized circle as it will look odd if not.




 I know the size of the current circle is 5.98x5.98 however it'd be much easier if there were a way to just import the size width and length wise.


I am unsure how to do this as I'm not sure what size the circle is when I've edited a new icon. Is anyone able to assist me? Not sure if there's a plugin or so for it but any help will be useful!

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You can use the Shapes plugin from the Render submenu.
But first you need to choose the following:
1. Primary color
2. Paintbrush width
3. Selection: Fixed Size (with values as you need)
• Make a selection on the canvas
• Run the mentioned plugin:
                    Shape = Circle
                    Number of steps = 1
                    External margin (with values as you need depending on the thickness of the brush)

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