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Mass save images in different Hues and Saturations

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Dear people from the Paint.net community,

I am fan of Paint.net and thanks for having me.

I am looking for a method to save one image in different hues at the same time. It will be very labor intensive if I have to adjust and save those manually. I have a hundred different images that I need to save in 36 different hues. I figured there is a way to program a script with Actiona to do that. But if there is a plugin available for it, that would be very useful.

Kind regards,

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46 minutes ago, Zagna said:

Irfanview is the king of batch operations for images imo. Find the right settings for all 36 changes, save them as presets and run them on all the images.

Wow, Thank you Zagna

I'll download it right away for future use cases. For now, I was able to write a macro script on Actiona. Its great that either Paint.net and Actiona function with shortcuts. So, there are no issues with missplaced mouse clicks. 

324 macro lines
36 unique hues
2 minutes and 55 seconds

Your recommendation gave me the inspiration to add a negative version as well 😏

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