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Pasting Paint.net into Email or word document gives weird error

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When I copy and paste from Snipping tool into Paint.net, edit (Put notations or arrows etc)

Then copy into an email or word document I get the following content instead of the image:



  "polygonList": [






Any ideas anyone?




OS: Windows 10 - 20H2 - 64 Bit, i7, SSD, 32Gb RAM


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I don't usually use the Snipping tool but this prompted me to try with a screen grab from here. I've had no problems (Win7) copying it into PDN then Selecting All > Copy and pasting into a Wordpad.


As far as the email goes I have to the save the image file (default is the original format - PNG) and then "Insert" or add as an attachment by browsing for the image file. I can not find any way to paste it into an email directly from PDN.


I think you'll have to described exactly how you're adding the PDN edited image file to the document/email for clarity.


You used Copy Selection. Never used that myself but it seems to provoke that "polygonList....." error if you try to paste it into Wordpad or other documents. I think Copy Selection is used just to copy selections within a single image ie. so you can copy a selected area to multiple positions within that image.


Try using Select All then vanilla Copy instead.

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That's just about what I said but the explanation of what Copy Selection actually actually means: copying the shape of the area selected rather than the actual image content makes more sense than what I thought it meant.


So thanks for that clarification; perhaps if it was renamed Copy Selection Area or Shape or Outline it might be clearer what using that option does. 


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