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Using unsupported (?) PDN built-in effects, and which effects are supported by CodeLab?


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Hello. Sorry if this has been asked already, but I'm at the end of my google-fu abilities so I figured I'd start a new thread. 

I've been messing with the new CodeLab version (6.0), which supports Paint 4.2+. However, some of the effects like Distort>Morphology don't appear to be supported (unless the class is called something other than MorphologyEffect or similar, I've crawled through most of the code suggestions in the IDE). It's understandable if it's not supported as it uses GPU and the post about the new CodeLab only talks about multicore CPU support. 


I'm just wondering if there's a comprehensive list of all supported effects in CodeLab? Or even better, a developer API manual or something? 


Let me know if I'm just being dumb and didn't google hard enough.. thanks!




Quick edit: I did find the CodeLab github repo which was helpful, and I'll drop here for any future googlers. It doesn't look like Morphology is in the supported effects based on the `FileNew.cs` file. So, follow-up question: is there any way to add a PDN built-in effect by using the `Parameters.SetPropertyValue` or some similar method? I'm willing to try to hack Morphology in if it's possible, I'm just not sure where to start...  


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