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Add/remove control nubs on curves

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1 hour ago, moo.marc said:

I think this is pretty clear and hopefully not too difficult to do.  Control-click, shift-click, right-click as options for adding or removing nodes (control nubs).

 Not quite clear to me. By "remove" do you mean make them invisible, or do you mean change the number of nodes? If you mean change the number of nodes, I don't think that can happen unless the the Line/Cure Tool is rewritten, which would, I expect, be a major change -- which is to say, probably a difficult change. The Line/Curve Tool currently produces cubic curves, which by their nature have four nodes.


EDIT: Though I probably should avoid offering opinions on things I only vaguely understand, I'll do so anyway. GDI+ can draw splines with an arbitrary number of nodes, which seems like it might be leveraged to change the Line/Curve Tool to allow more than four nodes per curve.

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