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[Feature Request] Custom pixel grid size

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Hello! I've used paint.net for a long time, and there's a lot I appreciate about it: it's the right balance for me of features and lightness, it has extensive plugins, and it gets steady updates.


However, one of the few things I miss from it is a custom pixel grid. The current one is hard-coded as a 1x1 grid. I do a lot of pixel art for tile-based games, and would be significantly aided by 8x8, 16x16, or 32x32 grids. Sometimes I also need different sizes, like 8x16, so a custom width x height (or at least a customizable square size) would be ideal. Possibly at larger grid sizes, the lines could also be a bit more bold so they don't blend into the image.


My current workaround, which has been suggested in a few other topics requesting features like this (though it hasn't reached the Popular Feature Requests thread), is to create a translucent grid on a higher layer. I have multiple grid plugins that I use for this (each has their own pros and cons), but despite being familiar with the necessary key shortcuts, it's still a lot of presses just to create a grid. It also needs updating if the canvas gets resized or shifted. Furthermore, a grid layer obscures or distorts the pixels below it. And sometimes I end up making an action on the wrong layer and have to undo, switch, repeat. These are not deal-breaker issues for me, but they add up over time.


If a plugin were capable of creating an overlay grid, I'd be happy with that (or would code one myself), but they can only generate grids in image layers.


I'm not asking for snap-to-grid, or multiple grids, or for any tools to be aware of the grid. I just need to customize the existing pixel grid from 1x1 to WxH.


Thank you for all the work put into polishing paint.net so far!

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On 10/15/2020 at 7:08 AM, ReMake said:

I updated the Lines/Grid plugin. Perhaps this effect will be useful for you.


Thanks for informing me! I currently use BoltBait's Grid Maker to draw lines (or checkerboards) like that. It's better than nothing, but both this plugin and that one have the drawbacks I mentioned compared to the pixel grid overlay.

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I would also love to see a customizable pixel grid, as I use paint.net to do pixel art.

Creating a grid in a separate layer is a provisional solution, but unpractical/uncomfortable as I have to remove/recreate the grid layer (or copy the actual graphics layer to a new image) every time I save the image (as PNG).

Thank you very much!

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