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  1. Thanks for informing me! I currently use BoltBait's Grid Maker to draw lines (or checkerboards) like that. It's better than nothing, but both this plugin and that one have the drawbacks I mentioned compared to the pixel grid overlay.
  2. Hello! I've used paint.net for a long time, and there's a lot I appreciate about it: it's the right balance for me of features and lightness, it has extensive plugins, and it gets steady updates. However, one of the few things I miss from it is a custom pixel grid. The current one is hard-coded as a 1x1 grid. I do a lot of pixel art for tile-based games, and would be significantly aided by 8x8, 16x16, or 32x32 grids. Sometimes I also need different sizes, like 8x16, so a custom width x height (or at least a customizable square size) would be ideal. Possibly at larger grid sizes, th
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