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Can't make transparent image work in browser

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IE6 does not support transparent PNG's. IE7 will (the beta I tried certainly does).

If you made a fully transparent PNG and it's "not showing up" in FF ... then isn't that exactly what you intended?

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Presently, IE does not properly support .png transparency. So, that would explain the grey background.

FireFox, however, does support .png transparency, so I'm not sure where you're having a problem. Now, if you're making the "Background" transparent but not creating another layer with something in it, then that would explain why you can't see anything. If the "Background" is transparent and there's nothing else to see, than you wouldn't see anything.

If I'm not correctly understanding your problem, please let me know.


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Transparent GIFs are not supported in Paint.NET v2.1b. We have implemented this for the upcoming v2.2 release.

Notice how EVERYONE keeps asking about that even though there's a sticky in the 'Feature Request' section?

Currently, if I want to make a GIF transparent:

If I want to do a simple white-only transparency:

Save as GIF in Paint.NET

Open up Microsoft Frontpage (webpage editor)

Drag image into web page

Use their transparency tool to make image transparent

Save web page (and image inside it)

If I want to do a complex transparency with color other than white:

Save as PNG in Paint.NET

Open up Macromedia Fireworks (image editor)

Play around with Alpha-Transparency settings

Save as GIF

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