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  1. In the layers box, PDN already has checkboxes next to each layer that are supposed to toggle visibility. What if there was a button that could "Flatten visible layers?"
  2. For example if you were working on an avatar with a shadow, your layers box might look like this: Person Shadow (this layer is a pitch back blurred version of 'person') Background Now what if you want to combine Person and Shadow together so you can easily move it around, but NOT Background: Person WITH Shadow Background There's only 'Flatten' which flattens ALL the layers together. I want to know how I can select multiple layers, then click flatten and they'll flatten ONLY those. I'm sick of using copy and paste to 'combine' the layers together, especially when I have over 10.
  3. There is no 'statement', just a 'mission'. I think it's: 10 times better than Paint, 1/10th of Photoshop.
  4. yes, but P.NET DOES give you a warning sound and makes the number box red. it won't recognize the letters, but it will load the last selected number
  5. Gradient fill = Confirmed Background Patterns = Nope, but possible. Don't think it'll be implemented though, too specific. Translucent background: Put your picture on the 'Background' layer then create a new layer on top and mess around with the 'Opacity' of it.
  6. I don't speak for the developers. But I'd like to know if Photoshop even has Beziers. According to the devs, P.Net is 1/10th of Photoshop, 10 times better than Paint. They try not to get too specific in features as to hinder functionality.
  7. It's not Windows 3.1, it's Windows 98/95 to clarify your point. They don't look ancient, they look 'natural', 'clear' and 'concise' as to their meaning.
  8. Notice how EVERYONE keeps asking about that even though there's a sticky in the 'Feature Request' section? Currently, if I want to make a GIF transparent: If I want to do a simple white-only transparency: Save as GIF in Paint.NET Open up Microsoft Frontpage (webpage editor) Drag image into web page Use their transparency tool to make image transparent Save web page (and image inside it) If I want to do a complex transparency with color other than white: Save as PNG in Paint.NET Open up Macromedia Fireworks (image editor) Play around with Alpha-Transparency settings Save as GIF
  9. if you look at Forumer, the hoster for this forum, you can see what a pain in the bling it would be to reinstall all those 30 or so themes and mods that they give BY DEFAULT. So no, it would be hard to move this forum and still keep everything.
  10. Already mentioned in my topic about Tabbed Painting. Please check that.
  11. I think it's been mentioned before, the idea of, instead of many windows for many images, one window with tabs for each image you load. This would make it easy to...say...take a picture from one, switch tabs, and paste it in another. Firefox has tabs, Visual Studio has tabs, Azureus has tabs. I'm an advocate of 'taskbar conservation', and all those paint.net windows become a pain to navigate when there is more than one. I like Paint.NEt but I think that if it joined the 'Tabbed Everything' revolution, it'd be awesome. not to mention productive. Hope it's easy to code.
  12. ah, so you DO have a roadmap after 2.2
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