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How about an updated program icon?

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Very minor in the grand scheme of things I know, but with MS rolling out their new colourful icons can we get a new paint.net icon in the next version that follows the same design principles, here is my go at how it could look, blending the flat style with the new colourful one.

I'm using the MS Store version of paint.net and there is no easy way to change the program icons, unlike regular applications.

What do people think?

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Have tried to use @wojti.j icon but even after going to the shell:AppsFolder where all the store app shortcuts are kept and creating a new shortcut to paint.net and using the new icon Windows will ignore the shortcuts icon when pinning and use the default one.


So looks like we will have to wait until @Rick Brewster pushes out a new update with it for the store version (pretty please Rick!)

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