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Changing Skin Color

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try using the eye droper to get the color of the skin then use the magic wand+shift on the color u want to change then fill it in with the color u got from the eye droper.

if that dosnt work u mite half to zoom in and color the skin pixel by pixel or at lest the part were the to pices meet and then fade it into the other



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Thanks for the responses, but I figured out another way. If you use the color picker ( :ColorPicker: ) To select the current skin color as the secondary color, then select the new skin color as the primary color, you can use the Recoloring tool ( :RecoloringTool: ) to change the skin colors!


Click the image to see the animation! | Click here for my Gallery

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Is there a tutorial that would show me how to do what you did, or at least get me started in the right direction?

I am trying to get an old, damaged photo into reasonable condition and I have not used Paint.Net very much. There are parts of the skin and clothing missing in the photo. All I could think of trying was to save appropriate parts (pieces) of the original photo and add them as individual layers over the places where color is missing in the original. The colors of the layered pieces match the original pretty well, but the end result looks like "blocks" of color pasted on an old photo rather than looking blended in. What you did sounds like it might be exactly what I neede to do, but I do not knwo where to begin...

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