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  1. Did you flatten/merge the layers before rendering? he fixed that problem if you didnt see i think his new problem was that he blured it a little to much messing up the gradient bars and the inside panelling ring
  2. this needs a update with new shapes every thing possable has all redy been done usein this shapes time for some new ones mabie like a piramid or even mabie some weird shaped cloud like thing or star :shock:
  3. lol thanks Ash the pc was bein slow and i didnt think it went so i closed it then tryed agin later
  4. this is only for people for play Monster hunter! wellcome to the monster hunter topic thingy! talk about Monster Hunteror post things about monster hunter you made usein paint.net here share your fav monsters or wepons or armor i like hammers,great swords and gunlance my fav monster is basarios
  5. Heres one i made usein tile reflection and the weave plugin i made a tutorial on how to make the flower part if you want learn how
  6. I was tryin to make a glass block like the ones ASH(Paint god) makes and some how it turned into this got a little caryed away.
  7. if you wanta try and make a cookie cuter plugin try the Plugin Developer's Central forum to see what you need to make one. but u can allways draw the shape u want on a new layer use magic wand on it click the background layer and cut it out. This way lets you make any shape you want. With cookie cuters you only get a few diffrient ones.
  8. try using the eye droper to get the color of the skin then use the magic wand+shift on the color u want to change then fill it in with the color u got from the eye droper. if that dosnt work u mite half to zoom in and color the skin pixel by pixel or at lest the part were the to pices meet and then fade it into the other
  9. i didnt use noise i used the film plugin its usealy beter for making metal but it worked ok. nice way to use clouds i wouldnt of thought of tryin that way
  10. Nice heres my go at it. its mostly zoom blurs and glow
  11. heres my go at it. its not uber amazing but o-well its not that hard the worst part was finding the airplane..there all tilted up and u only see the bottem of the plane this one was siting on the run way so i cut off the wheels. 1.find a plane and cut it out and resize it smaller and put it on a new page with transparent a background 2.(new layer) do a gradient background i used blue and white 3.(new layer) add all the text. if the text is gona be transparent to fade it do it on a new layer 4.cut out the logo or make one and resize it to be bigger and make it a bit transparent 5.(new layer)make the line if u want or the little boxes this one was fun to make >.> i got to make fun of mappleStory too...PURE AWSOME! >.>
  12. i have been tryin to make a anime eye usein this tut. no luck yet its like imposable
  13. how big can they be? like 500 by 100 or wut ever i was gona make one but wanta know how big do i half 2 make it
  14. ohhhhh nvm >.< it started working now after i posted this srry 2 bug u xD
  15. i cant seem 2 get the wet floor to work i put the plugin and every then just wen i use it the pic just disapers any one know wut im doing wrong?
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