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Hey There! Gallery (Updated 28/08/08)


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So... these are some of my creations. Feedback is appreciated.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size.


This one is used in my current sig.

This one may seem cheap, but it took some work. :wink:


I can't think of much use for it, except for splash screens or wallpapers or something.

This is a login screen for the OS I am designing. (90% PDN, because of the Person's picture.)


I need to think up an algorithm to render the person's pic behind the screen. (Don't mind help :wink: (C++)

And my late entry for LAOTW (or whatever).


This was a lot of work, as simple as it seems (especially with two tuts on two elements.) Getting them to blend was a pain. Getting the steam was a plus. :D

My already known Exploding Sun:


The basic desktop for the OS I'm designing. (The never-ending Paint.NET app may distract from the UI itself.)


I got the Paint.NET interface from well, Paint.NET! And, of course the Wallpaper is stock. :)

And, this one called Looking Back, depicts travelling underwater, looking behind.


A variety of effects were used here. As you can see, on top is light (from the sun) and below is dark (from underwater).



A dark, kind of simple-looking (wallpaper?)

Well, this is it, I'll add more, feel free to ask for tuts, and I love feedback.

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