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Paint Net opening Large Tiff 86Mb image Paint Net saves as a 2.3Mb

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How?  do I get around this? I photograph art work convert the raw to tiff, size is 86 Mb, Next step, I clean up the image however I don't crop it, or resize, I simply save it as a tiff file, when I check the resulting saved file it is 2.7 Mb, width 4640 pixels x Height 3472  size is at 350 pixels/inch Print size 13.26 x 9.92 inch same as original except it is no longer 86.1 Mb.

I ran the same image through Affinity it also reduces the resulting size to 6.4 Mb. 

Thank you for any insight / info


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You will notice when you examine the EXIF data for your RAW image you will not see info for PPI or DPI. The DPI or PPI is needed for printing (to paper or to the screen). In your TIFF file that has the dimension of width 4640 pixels x height 3472 pixels and saved at 350 PPI it will be saved to a file size of ~2.7 Mb. That large file size from your RAW file is because RAW files contains more image information from your camera's image sensor than used in your TIFF conversion. Paint.NET does not support the full TIFF specification.


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Uhh ... why is file size reduction a problem?

Wherever you got the original file wasn't using any compression. Paint.NET is using whatever the standard compression is. It's lossless. You're not losing anything, it's just a smaller file size. 

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