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Adding "Hide selection" feature

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I know this has been asked before but the answers given do not fulfill this requirement:


Imagine I am using the magic wand to select a color that I want to replace with another color. When I go to the filler to change it I can't get a true representation about how it will look like because I cannot hide the magic wand selection lines, that increases the complexity of the operation.


It is a common feature in other picture editors using something like Ctrl + H.



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I completely support this suggestions (and am, in fact, one of those who proposed it earlier). As necessary as those crawling ants are, they sometimes make subtle adjustments nearly impossible. I've often wished I could temporarily turn them off, as I could in Paint Shop Pro.


If there's concern about users forgetting it's disabled, and getting confused, perhaps there could be an obvious, attention-getting indication in the Toolbar. Or maybe the ants could only be disabled until a new selection is made, the current effect exits, an effect is selected, or a new Tool is selected. (Though the second idea might in some cases be inconvenient.)


A workaround I sometimes use, which works in many cases, is to duplicate the layer, then Erase the Selection in the top layer. I then modify the lower layer. When I get what I want, I merge the layers.

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