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'Retouching' is done thru the skillful application of Paint.Net's various tools and plugins.


I find that the Smudge plugin by pyrochild is the must useful tool for me when I do photo retouching:

Smudge v2.2 04 Jul 2008 pyrochild

Use custom brushes (*.png format) to smudge along the mouse path. Found in Pyrochild's Plugins see also: #7291

The built-in 'Clone Stamp' is good for copying and applying textures from an image into adjacent areas.

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I think Aleksandr is probably asking about an automatic one stop photo-retouching tool which would typically involve: dust removal, sharpening, colour correction, 'healing' brush etc.


Some of PDNs plugins under Effects > Photo might be part way to what he is looking for but most retouching work with PDN is done 'manually' with the provided tools and plugins. There's no all in one solution AFAIK.


I'm pretty sure BoltBait's plugins pack includes his dust removal tool.




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