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Removing a colour from a texture

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Hello! I've tried a few tutorials to try to remove the yellow colour from a wood floor texture. I want to change the "base" colour to one colour and what is left behind is changed to black and white, what's changed from yellow is transparent. So if I were to place it on an object in a game, and changed the object's colour, it would also change the colour of the texture.




38, 47, 89 is the colour I want to be removed (HSV).

All of the other colours should be changed to black and white.


Sorry if my English here isn't very clear.

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I just loved this idea of designing the texture of the flooring before directly installing it on the floors. Last summer when the renovation of my aunt's home was running, my aunt was so confused about the flooring colors, but, then the flooring installers from the Zothex flooring showed her many of the designs in hardwood flooring's or the types she wanted her floor to get installed with. After seeing all the designs she finally, decided to honey colored hardwood floors in the kitchen area, and carpets in the bedrooms. I just liked these ideas for showing the designs of flooring's digitally using photos, so that the customers can analyze and customize the designs in whatever the way they want.

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