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Pre-Alpha Mask Plugin

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Hello, experienced coders:


I am in need of your valuable assistance in developing a one-click plug-in.  My purpose in writing this plug in for a simple reason so I'll describe what I do in my steps prior to photomanipulations:


  1. Convert image to fully white (this is usually done by using Curve).
  2. Create a new empty layer, drag it down below the image, and backfill it with black.
  3. Merge the layer.
  4. Copy the merged layer.

So far what I have managed to acheive is have CodeLab run a simple script that convert all the RGB values to white.  What I want to do now is tell CodeLab to backfill transparency with solid black, and this is where I need your assistance.


The code is below.


Edited by TrevorOutlaw
Removed code since BoltBait had a plugin that did what I was seeking to achieve.
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