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Maybe a silly question and may have been asked before (I couldn't find it though), but is there a way of resetting the layer reset / zoom (CTRL+Shift+Z) for each layer?


An example:  I'm working on layer one, adjust this layer with Reset / Zoom.  Start working on layer two, use the Reset / Zoom and it applies the last settings from layer one when opening. 

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When I use the Rotate/Zoom feature what you are asking for already occurs when you select the curved reset arrow icon.

I looks a lot like this icons8-redo-48.png.6735245cc95d4980375291cd4f30f00b.png


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I've often wondered whether it would be better if the tools and in particular that one could/should be set to reset automatically for each layer. That might be useful for some people but for me I'm happy how it is with the individual settings re-set option, if wanted, always available. On many occasions I've made setting changes to that tool (zoom, roll, rotate, pan) and actually want to apply those across several different layers but not every one.


In the case of some other tools and plugins there can be half a dozen or more settings you've changed. The prospect of having it reset to default automatically and re-applying them for each layer does not thrill me in the least.

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