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Paint.net didn't save?

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So i was using paint.net, working on something for an hour or two, i remember saving MULTIPLE TIMES, and then at the end i once again hit save as, and saved it. When i tried to close it it said there were unsaved changes, i didn't think much of it because i JUST SAVED. Then, I couldn't find the file that i had been working on and saving repeatedly for more than an hour. What happened?

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My thought is that you may have initially saved the files in an odd location particularly if you have other images open which are located elsewhere eg. you've imported a file into a new image and then copied what you were working on into that. It is easy just to click Save and not notice or realise you're saving it to the location the imported image came from. Subsequent saves (Save) will all be in that location too.


I've done that sort of thing myself and had to use PDN's Open Recent menu option to find it again. Typically in my case where I collect a set of images as resources/inspiration prior to starting a particular project I might have sub-folders for backgrounds, objects, fonts etc inside the main folder. One of those is often where I've accidentally saved my work in progress.


Hopefully you haven't cleaned your cache or however PDN saves that information. Use Open Recent to find your saved images and then make sure you do save them (Save As) somewhere you remember.


Failing that: if you know the exact name of the image(s) you're looking for (and Windows is set to auto-index all drives) a simple desktop search could find the saved PDN files for you.     

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