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Wood Pallet Tutorial

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I have searched and came up with nothing. I want to create a wood pallet without a picture to go from. What I am talking about is a pallet like you would see in a warehouse. I want to create the entire thing in paint.net. I looked through all of the tutorials and can't find anything that will help me do this. can this be done and if so could someone point me in the right direction, 3D, textures ect... I am pretty new with this but am willing to spend hours learning because as i learn more I just can't get away.

If I need a photo to create this please let me know or if I can create the 3D object in 3d World Studio or MilkShape 3D please let me know how to import it to paint.net.

Thank you all for the help and all of the great tutorials I have read and learned so much from.

peorge (george)

I am new to Paint.Net and want to thank everyone for helping Me.


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