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Make a certain color gradually transparent

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i have an image with a black-ish dragon on a while background with a blue glow. Can i extract the black dragon somehow making any hint of blue become transparent so i don't get just a pure black pixelated result?

What i tried is making the picture black/white, increasing contrast to make the blackish areas totally black (0, 0, 0), and removed all white with a certain tolerance. But the borders of the result still don't have opacity obviously, they retain shades of grey.




My result:



Last time i had to do something similar i just put the picture back on an svg editor and remade it entirely making lines over it because i didn't know any alternative

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Hello @Barnack and Welcome :)


I think you may find that using AA's Assistant, after you remove the blue, will give you a sharper/cleaner result on your dragon.






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