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Big PNG files are saving forever

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When saving PNG files with a big sizeY (~8k) the saving dialog stays stuck at ~85%, even though it says 100%... The CPU and disk are idle.

The X button to close the dialog is disabled so it cannot be clicked.

Hitting the Esc key makes the dialog disappear and sometimes I can continue to use Paint.net, but others times it is as if there was a hidden modal dialog.


The file itself doesn't seem corrupted and it can be opened afterwards.

This does not happen with images of more "normal" size, i.e. 2k by 2k.

It happens with Auto-detect bit depth but not with 8-bit.


This was tested on Win10 Home with a Core i7, 16GB of RAM and plenty of free disk space.


This has been happening for a while so it is not an issue specific with the current version of Paint.Net.


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The issue you indicates has this comment from Rick: "Seems to happen more on low-memory systems, or if the disk is bad or out of space."


My system clearly isn't low on memory and my disk has plenty of free GB. And, it only happens with images with a big sizeY.

The original poster of the issue showed a screenshot with an image of 1280x718.

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"... Seems to happen more ..."

(Emphasis added)



The most important part is this:

"There are some bugs with the error handling here that I'm planning to address in 4.1.7."

(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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I'll be sure to test this out in 4.1.7. I just finished upgraded PDN's PNG handling to use WIC instead of GDI+, and it should work.


I'm expecting to release 4.1.7 during May. Should have an alpha/beta in the next week or two.

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