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Fill in color without outline?

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Is it possible to have filled in without lines or selection? For example, like in map on the image attached.


I would need this for historical map making for areas where I'm not sure where the border is.

I know that you can use "Selection" tool and fill in, but it's not "as smooth" to make outline with it as it is with Paintbrush.


So, is there any way I can draw lines with Paintbrush, fill the selection and delete the line? I could "overwrite" line with erase tool, but that would too create "space" between 2 filled in areas, and I want the effect like in image bellow - 2 euros without hard border that are touching each other.



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This is one solution for your request:
1. Use the information from this thread to produce a close to 2bit (black & White) map as you can.


2. Use the Black and Alpha+ plugin or just select White to be transparent with the Grim Color Reaper plugin
    Black and Alpha+
Grim Color Reaper

3. Create a new Background Layer and color it white. Place this layer under your now transparent map and use the Paint Brush to outline or color your areas. If you use a small brush and selected a color to layout area contours you can use the Fill Bucket to layin color for that contour.


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