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Creating PDFs using paint.net

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Hello, I have a question about image resolution and creating a pdf using paint.net.


I am making images to sell on etsy using paint.net. I make the images at 300 dpi and save as a png. I want to make the images into a pdf to upload to etsy, but when I create the pdf and then print it out, its only at 96 dpi, even though the original was at 300 dpi.


Does anyone know why this is happening?


Thank you,


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@ Edward

I have looked at some of Etsy's requirements and I have not been able to find where an image file has to be 300 DPI. I can only find that it is recommended that the image be ~1500 pixels square. Can you provide a link to other requirements? DPI is for printing purposes. Since the PDF ask for size of output information (will it be a letter size or tabloid size) before conversion, all of the sampling values are added to the document before saving, therefore there is no area to setup DPI instructions. Since you are viewing the PDF on a monitor that typically has a resolution of 96, the document defaults to that.

See the comments at this link:
(I provided a relevant comment and link to this thread today. 🙂 )

Also check this out:

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